Project #1 is finished, long live to project #3

End of December, before leaving for the Xmas break, all our students went through project #1  defences (a.k.a Project “Basic Techniques”).

Before moving on to project #3 (a.k.a “Services and applications”), it is a good time to highlight some of these Project #1 outcomes.

Hussein and Kogulan have been tracking geostationary beacon signals using software defined radio.

Gérald and Ramon contributed to further improve our antenna facilities. They evaluated and tested an RF-to-optical transceiver that is now used to connect one of our dishes with the indoor unit.

Antoine and Thibaut have designed and developed a signal analyser based on one of our software defined radio platforms.

Finally, Adriana and Alexander have emulated a “not unlike DVB-S” communication chain based on – guess what – software defined radio and a new toolchain we have in the lab called LabVIEW Communication Design Suite.


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