Since its inception in 1972, the Space Communication Systems programme has trained more than 700 students covering 20+ nationalities !

Who hires our students ?

More than 90 % of our former students are working for a space-related organization in France and abroad. While the focus is often put on the communication or navigation (e.g., satellite payload, ground segment, services) it is by no means restrictive. Positions in the field of regulatory affairs, marketing and R&D activies (e.g., project management or technical expertise) are also current. The common denominator is the added value obtained during the SCS programme which makes our students recognized experts in satellite communication and navigation.

Pursuing PhD studies

Some students pursue a PhD degree, either with us or through another organization. We have several funding sources include but not exclusive to : CIFRE, TéSA  and DGA grants.


Remi Lapeyre (graduated in 2006)

Rémi Lapeyre in the ATV CC

After my second year in Telecom SudParis, I chose the Space Communication Systems (SCS) programme to curve my study path towards space techniques and technologies. My first job as a subcontractor for Thales Alenia Space was to operate telecommunication geostationnary satellites from their separation from the launcher until the end of the payload in-orbit tests. I had a lot to learn on all plateform subsystems (propulsion, power, thermal, …) but thanks to SCS I had a strong knowledge on payload equipements and their usage that I could trade. After several contributions to other space programs, I am now working for CNES as a spacecraft operations engineer in the ATV control center in Toulouse. I provide expertise on the in-flight spacecraft and I am working in close cooperation with NASA Johnshon Space Center and Korolev mission control in Moscow on the ISS program operations. My SCS experience is still directly valuable, for instance on the on-board TMTC transponders or more generaly speaking on the space environment itself and the orbital motions.

Guillaume REMBERT (graduated in 2010)

Guillaume Rembert, founder and owner of Euryece Telecom
Guillaume Rembert,  owner and founder of Euryece Telecom

Attending to the SCS master was an unforgettable and valuable experience, both on a technical and human point of view. Being in contact with experts, researchers and managers from space industry helped me to understand many of the challenges linked to this sector and thanks to this, it clarified my professional project. Furthermore, I really enjoyed the student’s diversity, as it was the occasion to discover new ways of thinking, to exchange on cultural differences and to open my mind.

Following this, I have created a company, Euryece Telecom, whose activities and targeted markets are deeply influenced by this (too) short period of my student life… Today, with hindsight, most important contribution for me is not that I am able to compute link budgets, design emitters-receivers or to program complex signal processing algorithms, although being an asset. It mainly gave me confidence on my ability to work on various aspects of space communication systems engineering. The only thing left to do now is to convince the customers about it!

Pavel Kolotilov (graduated in 2011)

Pavel Kolotilov
Pavel Kolotilov

SCS will always be one of my most memorable life experiences.

Before coming to Toulouse I worked as a TV telecommunication engineer at Spanish television, specialized in satellite retransmissions. In the same time I always liked more the space segment rather than retransmissions themselves. After considering a lot of options in different countries I chose SCS. Well, the choice was kind of evident: the mix of most famous French aerospace university with the best French telecommunication schools in Toulouse, the heart of European Space industry is hard to beat. Add to that the great teachers from the mentioned universities, visiting professionals from the nearby space industry like Thales Alenia Space, EADS Astrium, CNES, etc, the students from the whole world and of course Cité d’Espace, and you will get an ultimate mix of high class professional education and entertainment in one package.

Moreover, the steep bill of the Mastère Spécialisé really pays off: when I finished SCS I got several offers from different aerospace companies, so I could choose what I wanted to do. At the moment I work for the German company Telespazio Vega space on a mission in Norway, where I control Norwegian telecommunication satellites.

The Alumni network

We are maintining an LinkedIn group for keeping in touch with our former students. We are also organizing a yearly event where former students meet the “current generation”. These are occasions – among many others – to meet and discuss with “SCS veterans” and therefore develop your network.