AIP : the hangover

Yesterday, we held our antenna install party.

Don’t be confused: it was not a party according to the common standard where food, drinks and dance are required. Nothing of that sort: only antennas, coaxial cables and spectrum analysers. But we had fun and that makes it a pretty good party.

Still, I feel a sort of hangover considering that we did not manage to receive properly TV programmes.

There are two reasons for that: first, we have to find a better spot for our test sessions, one that is providing full line of sight. The second reason could be summarized as “RTFM” …

To conclude: we managed to make the antenna aquire the right satellite, but the signal was somewhat 10 dB short of power in order to be demodulated. Maybe an issue with the LoS which was … borderline to say the least (more line of sigh than line of sight from an antenna standpoint).

Thank you to Joan V-J., Pierre G. and Yannick D. – former students from SCS – who were my party mates for that nice evening.

Another AIP – second take – will be scheduled soon.

And now a couple of pictures (courtesy from Yannick D.)

The best spot we found to ensure line of sight ... to be improved
The best spot we found to ensure line of sight … to be improved
Our mobile "test rack"
Our mobile “test rack”