Up and running

This is an official disclaimer: our satcom lab is now up and running.

At 18:00 (UTC+1), we have finalised the installation of all our antennas on the building roof. It all started in the morning with the preparation of the roof for hosting the auto-pointing antenna kindly donated by the French Space Agency (thank you !). And also a big thank you to the logistics department of ISAE for giving us a helpful hand on that.

Preparing for installation
Preparing for installation

The afternoon was busy with lectures, so 5PM was the earliest slot for resuming antenna setup operations. At 6PM we were done and ready for testing.

November 6, 2015 at 6PM. We're ready for testing
November 6, 2015 at 6PM. We’re ready for testing

It turned out that everything was running smooth and ZDF was on the screen directly received from Hotbird 13 (this has still to be verified though … it’s pretty crowed over there and every satellite is keen on broadcasting ZDF)

ZDF is now on the screen. We're up and running
ZDF is now on the screen. We’re up and running

A last look through our IP cam (I still have to figure out how to turn IR “on”) and it is a goof time for stowing the antenna and enjoying the week-end

Our drive away IGP antenna as seen from the IP Cam
Our drive away IGP antenna as seen from the IP Cam

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